About Us

Seattle Peoples Party is a community-centered grassroots political party led by and accountable to the people most requiring access and equity in the City of Seattle.


Seattle Peoples Party takes a stand on the most pressing issues facing our communities and the actions needed to lead our city towards a more equitable future.


Seattle Peoples Party supports community-led campaigns mobilizing to build a more just future in Seattle and across Washington state.

  • We Cannot be Surprised

    It feels like straight up fire and brimstone; especially in the Pacific Northwest where the region has literally been on fire for months. A post-apocalyptic haze hangs over the city as ash literally falls from the sky during a rally to #DefendDACA on Seattle’s Beacon Hill at El Centro de la Raza. Politicians and organizers […]Read More »
  • The Peoples Party: A Visionary Environmental Platform

    There are many initiatives we can implement immediately, which we must do; but we must also look to the future for how we address the harmful climate change we are facing. Through a rigorous and lengthy collective community effort with experts, organizers, and residents, we have created Seattle’s Vision To Achieve Environmental Justice: 100% (Real) […]Read More »
  • hope, a beautiful struggle

    Running for elected office was never a part of my life plan, but plans change. I found myself living with multiple roommates at the age of 31, moving every 12 months due to rent hikes, working multiple jobs, and still living paycheck to paycheck. I am not the only one struggling. In fact, it seems […]Read More »