About Nikkita Oliver

Nikkita Oliver

Nikkita Oliver is an organizer, educator, teaching-artist, and attorney who has contributed to the vibrancy of our city through her art and advocacy. After graduating from Seattle Pacific University, she earned her Master’s of Education and Juris Doctorate concurrently from the University of Washington. She has spent the years since serving Seattleites as a teacher and pro-bono lawyer. Whether it is inspiring our young in the classroom, partnering with educators and other working people, or fighting against unjust policies that hurt our residents, Nikkita has made it her life’s work to ensure Seattle leads our nation with progressive policies and transformative structures. She truly embodies what it means to be a public servant.

Nikkita knows firsthand the experiences of Seattle residents struggling to build a safe and secure home within our city. As a resident who works multiple jobs to make ends meet, she understands the need for a living wage, affordable housing, and paid sick and parental leave.  Movements for a more just Seattle have been created and supported by concerned citizens and community organizers like Nikkita who build coalitions and partnerships and make these issues something that unites the people of Seattle. Nikkita’s work as an educator and attorney make her an informed and unifying leader in this work for justice and an exceptionally well-qualified candidate for mayor.

As mayor she will establish a local government that is accountable to all of Seattle’s residents. Chief among her concerns is the lack of affordable housing and the current crisis that has left many in our city living without shelter. She believes every Seattleite has the right to secure housing. She aims to work in coalition with city leaders, developers and community members to create a plan that provides truly affordable housing for all. Additionally, she will work to increase resources for our schools, support progressive tax reform, and fight to protect our city’s most vulnerable residents from inhumane treatment such as homeless sweeps and discriminatory executive orders.

With the support of the newly founded Seattle Peoples Party, Nikkita is committed to increasing community voice and input at all levels of city government. She will ensure our city government is accessible, accountable, and transparent. She will restore avenues for residents to speak directly to government officials and she will work to promote opportunities for residents to shape and influence our city’s policies and decisions. Nikkita has the necessary experience, vision, drive, and broad community support to make Seattle is a truly progressive city, one that reflects and supports its most valuable resource – the People.