Declaring Independent

We live in a time of grave political upheaval. The upheaval is the symptom or manifestation of issues that have plagued the United States since its inception. The political system in the United States has grown increasingly more dysfunctional. With each successive election the two party system has become more adversarial. Accordingly, the system grows increasingly ineffective at addressing solutions that we, the People, care about and to which we require immediate action and response. People do not believe their voices can impact the political process and actually lead to long lasting transformational change. For these reasons Nikkita and the Peoples Party have chosen to declare independent. We are pushing a solution-based agenda which focuses on the issues faced by everyday working people rather than party politics.

We, the Peoples Party, will engage in transformational hyper-local grassroots-led campaigns which 1) restore public trust in the democratic process, 2) encourage individual and community self-determination, and 3) transform the government and political process in the United States into an accountable, transparent, equitable, and accessible process. Furthermore, the Peoples Party will center the brilliance and concerns of the most impacted and most vulnerable in our solution building. It is our belief the whole of society will be healthier when we effectively listen to the grassroots, pull from the margins, and lift from the bottom.