Seattle Peoples Party Position on Education

Education is often viewed as society’s great equalizer. Unfortunately, this view rings hollow for many low income students and students of color. Education should help all young people realize their potential, solve problems, and actively engage in their communities.

The Washington State Legislature’s failure to fund schools, as detailed in the state supreme court’s McCleary decision, has exacerbated existing disparities in our city. Low income youth and youth of color are more likely to be funneled into the school-to-prison pipeline, less likely to be placed on a college-bound track, and less likely to graduate with the tools they need to succeed compared to their more affluent peers. The result is that some of our youth get tracked into low wage jobs or jails.

The Seattle Peoples Party envisions a Seattle where all youth have the support to not only be successful in their personal lives, but also be empowered changemakers who can help lead our city towards a more equitable future. We aim to engage our base of young folks and provide resources and mentorship as they identify the issues affecting youth in our community and build strategies for addressing those issues.

What we are doing:

  • High School and College student engagement
  • Building leadership through our Youth Cohort

What we support: