Electoral Representation


Building Electoral Power

The political system in the United States has grown increasingly more dysfunctional. With each successive election the two party system has become more adversarial. Accordingly, the system grows increasingly ineffective at addressing solutions that we, the People, care about. Many in our community do not believe their voices can impact the political process or lead to transformational change. The Seattle Peoples Party strives to break down barriers and open doors for collective leadership that is willing, able, and experienced in divesting from practices, corporations, and institutions that don’t reflect the values and interests of our city. We are working to re-imagine the electoral process, to transform governance systems and build community power that asserts the brilliance of all Seattleites.

Now, more than ever, we need to be courageous to organize for justice, to draw hard lines in the sand, to protect those in our communities who are the targets of hate and bigotry. We need hope–the kind of hope which only grows through intersectional, collective actions and movements. We must develop a participatory government structure where the people–not corporations, politicians, or developers–determine what growth and innovation looks like for our Seattle.

We need public servants who:

  • are led by and accountable to the grassroot;
  • are responsive and humble;
  • are unafraid to listen and act;
  • unapologetically take on historical and present day injustices;
  • embrace the requests, critiques and criticisms of all communities as an opportunity to be better.

Our Seattle has forgotten its greatest asset–the People!

And we, the People, require our Seattle be equitable, just, and responsive to the needs and concerns of the most marginalized in our communities. We require our Seattle be directed by the intersectional and equitable participation of our many communities in our local government. We require our Seattle put the needs and best interest of people over corporations and politics.

We, the Peoples Party, believe our Seattle is best led by us working together in accountable relationship with our elected public servants. For these reasons and our belief in the power and brilliance of our communities in 2017 we ran our first candidate, Nikkita Oliver for Mayor.

The Seattle Peoples Party does not and will not accept corporate donations. Politics in the United States has become corporatized. Corporations are treated as people and the voice of “big business” reverberates louder than the voices of actual people. Corporations are not people despite how the law may treat them. They are business entities who also must be accountable to the people whom their business impacts. SPP is a movement of the peoples. We seek to be in a constantly accountable and transparent relationship with the many peoples who make up and contribute to our intersecting Seattle communities. As a result, we do and will only accept campaign contributions from individuals and small local businesses.

What we are doing:

  • Building a network of empowered and organized district teams
  • Engaging voters and stakeholders that have historically been left out of politics
  • Running candidates for elected office that will uphold our values and advance our community priorities