The Seattle Peoples Party started at the dinner table, in the coffee shop, and on the street corner. It started with everyday people sick and tired of being sick and tired choosing to rise up and be the solutions to the struggles we are experiencing.

In November of 2016, post the Presidential election, a sort of political apathy began to take hold. Rather than giving in to the apathy a small diverse (racially, ethnically, economically, gender, and religious) group of organizers, activists, and artists started meeting together to talk about how we could build at the local level for political, economic and cultural power for the most marginalized in our region.

From November 2016 through February 2017 we continued to grow, develop community agreements, and vision what we could do to change the political landscape with the aim of improving the material conditions of the most marginalized in the city of Seattle. After months of meetings and discussions with community leaders and elders we decided to run our first candidate for elected office.

Nikkita Oliver was selected to run for Mayor of Seattle in the 2017 elections by community members. Running an incredibly successful grassroots 3rd party campaign with no corporate donations SPP's first candidate for elected office finished 3rd of 21 candidates—only narrowly missing the general election by 1100 votes. With over 1,000 volunteers and no professional political consultants we knocked on 22,000 doors, raised $130,000 and changed the political landscape of Seattle for the better.

Seattle Peoples Party is a registered 501(c)(4) nonprofit, not a 501(c)(3). As a result, we are not eligible for most grants. We made this decision because it gives us the freedom to take political actions such as endorsing candidates for elected office. We can selectively apply for grants as our capacity allows.