Being a member of the Seattle Peoples Party is a choice to be an active member of a community. We are a community committed to service, political education, and mobilization. Collectively we are striving to undo oppressive systems and to collectively build institutions which honor the health of the planet and the human dignity of all. As a result, it is a hope and expectation that members of SPP are active in building and sustaining our community not just with financial resources but also through sharing our time and energy with each other.

Core Values of Seattle Peoples Party

Values are standards of behavior; our judgement of what is important for us as an organization.

We are a community of learners. We are growing and deepening our analysis. No one knows everything. We are here to learn with and teach each other.

We are a community which values accountability. Growth requires taking responsibility for ourselves and the community we are building together. If it is right, encourage each other. If it is wrong, speak up even if it is not popular so that we can all be and do better together.

We are community which values commitment. What we are doing is not easy.  Being a part of our SPP community means that we choose to “lean in” to the hard work of healing, accountability and building the world we most need to see.  This means when we say we are going to be a part of something, unless unhealthy, we will stay in it. Sticking through the “toughness.” We will engage and struggle with each other; while also understanding it is okay to come back to a conversation and to use a diversity of skills and tactics to solution build.

We are community which values thoughtful and intentional communication and conflict resolution. When things are tough or resentment is building, communicate. If conflicts develop which require conflict resolution, seek out SPP leadership or SPP for support.

We value our health as individuals, families and as a community. It is important to be involved, active and engaged. However, we should all do this at the level and in the manner which is healthy for us. We must love each other, protect each other, care for each other, and share with each other. It is our duty.

We value joy and fun! We are doing this work together to build a world where we can all live healthier, happier, and more sustainable lives. We must start living that and believing that together now.

Requirements for Membership

To become a member you must agree with the core values of Seattle Peoples Party as stated above and pay membership dues either on a monthly or yearly basis.

To be a voting member you must live in either King or Pierce county. If you live outside King or Pierce county you are welcome to become a member but will not be able to vote in Seattle Peoples Party elections.

Expectations of Members

All SPP members are asked to:

  1. Attend either in person or via the internet at least 50% of the years general assemblies
  2. Attend a membership training at the soonest opportunity and commit to SPP’s analysis (of organizing, systems, power, “isms”, and change/transformation).
  3. Make a 5 hour monthly volunteer time commitment (not including event attendance)

What counts for the 5 hours monthly volunteer time commitment

This must be volunteer time with Seattle Peoples Party.

  • Sharing events for SPP on Facebook, Twitter or other online promotion.
  • Volunteering at an SPP events (including events we are partnering with other organizations).
  • Serving on a committee or action team.
  • Helping maintain the SPP website; updating the events calendar, blog posts, etc.

Membership Benefits

The benefits of being an SPP member include:

  • Voting in elections regarding issues and leadership of SPP*
  • Running for leadership within the organization**
  • Participating in general assemblies
  • Participating on action groups, committees and campaigns
  • Running as a candidate of the party**


*Members who live temporarily outside of King or Pierce counties but have a vested interest in the region and a commitment may be considered a Selective Voting Member, and will generally be able to vote with full members, but will be excluded from voting when an appropriate motion has been made and passed by the body.

**Depending upon whether or not that person meets the needs of the position and represents a most impacted community.

Self Recusation for Privilege

A core value of the Seattle Peoples Party is equity. We cannot achieve equality if we do not first move through equity. Equality views and treats everyone the same; whereas equity acknowledges that the unjust system we live under is intentionally suppressing some while purposefully propping up and privileging others and has done so since its inception. Due to the system we live under we know that giving everyone the same resources and opportunities will not amount to equal and just outcomes.

Equity requires that we each are given the resources and opportunities we need to function equally in this unequal society. Therein we must be given different resources and opportunities to balance out the ways in which the system has and does oppress or privilege people based on race, class, gender, religion, ability, etc. We believe this is just because the heart of justice is to set right what has been done wrong. We will do this until equality can truly be achieved.

When a vote is put before the members of the SPP on a topic where some members may have privilege while others are experiencing oppression it is the expectation of the Party that those privileged members will recuse themselves from voting. We do this so that we can each be accountable for the ways in which we are complicit in continuing to enable oppressive practices, law, structures, and institutions to exist. If we are to undo the oppressive system, we must center and follow the voices of those communities most marginalized and impacted by an issue.

The Party will not police the identities of its members. Rather we request our members act honestly and with accountability in order to ensure that our community is one that is striving for justice and equality by earnestly and intentionally acting equitably. If a member is unsure if they should recuse themselves from a vote, they can motion for discussion. If that motion is seconded, the larger body will open the floor for discussion to ensure all members can act with clarity.

We know that this is not an easy practice. However, it is one that helps us to live out our values of equality and justice for all. As a community we are committed to struggling with each other as we better learn to identify our privilege and our role(s) in enabling and, more importantly, ending oppression.

Dues Requirements

SPP’s primary source of funding is membership dues and donations. Membership dues are on a sliding scale.

All SPP members make a financial commitment. We believe in the sharing and pooling of our resources to achieve our joint endeavors. As a result, we are independent and accountable to the mission and vision of SPP.

Donations to a political candidate or initiative of SPP do not count towards membership dues. There will be a separate process for the donations which follow PDC regulations.

We trust in the commitment of our members to the mission and vision of the Seattle Peoples Party. No member will pay dues above $40. However, members may donate more to the organization as they wish. SPP is a 501(c)(4) organization so donations are not tax deductible.

Suggested Membership Dues Contribution

Sliding scale income brackets (all income):

  • Under 10K per year - $1 per month / $12 per year
  • 10K - 35K per year - $5 per month / $60 per year
  • 35K - 50K per year - $10 per month / $120 per year
  • 50K - 60K per year - $15 per month / $180 per year
  • 60K - 70K per year - $20 per month / $240 per year
  • 70K - 80K per year - $25 per month / $300 per year
  • 80K - 90K per year - $30 per month  / $360 per year
  • 90K - 100K per year - $35 per month / $420 per year
  • Over 100K per year  - $40 per month / $480 per year