About the Peoples Party

Image depicts a packed Washington Hall at Nikkita Oliver's Launch Party, April 2 2017.THE PEOPLES PARTY OF SEATTLE is a community-centered grassroots political party led by and accountable to the people most requiring access and equity in the City of Seattle. The Peoples Party recognizes the troublesome nature of the current political structure and seeks to be a meaningful alternative. Acknowledging the need for cautious and thoughtful participation in the political structure we understand political participation to be only a portion of many necessary strategic steps towards justice for all.

Many people possess a profound and deep lack of trust in “the system.” It is this lack of trust coupled with the need and desire to be solution builders from which the Peoples Party is birthed. The Peoples Party strives to shorten the distance between politics and the people by designing a political organizing body which is directly accountable to the people and the communities.

The Peoples Party has zero interest in making a party where the community relies upon remote leaders for answers and solutions. Instead, WE know the answers and solutions we most need fundamentally lay within the genius of the community. For this reason we ask to partner with the communities of Seattle to develop equitable political strategies and solutions which place people over profits and corporations.

Our Seattle is your city. We make it what it is.